For the perfectionists of planning You make it happen. We make it rewarding.


IHG® Business Rewards.
Rewarding you for your booking brilliance

You’re a mastermind of meetings, engineer of events and architect of organisation… which is why you deserve to be truly rewarded each and every time you book. That’s exactly what IHG® Business Rewards does – allowing you to earn points whenever you book accommodation, meetings or an event for others at over 5000 participating IHG® hotels across the planet.

Whether you’re masterminding a meeting, convening a conference, working out a wedding or shaping a social event, no one understands the amount of time, effort and skill that goes into what you do – which is why, with IHG® Business Rewards, you’ll always be rewarded whenever you choose us.

Easy to earn, easy to redeem – how IHG® Business Rewards works.

  1. 1. Earn

    3 points for every $1USD spend every time you book accommodation, meetings and/or events.

  2. 2. Choice

    Redeem for personal or company rewards – from flights to Reward Nights, retail vouchers to digital downloads and more.

  3. 3. Worldwide

    With over 5000 participating IHG® hotels worldwide, there are so many opportunities to find the hotel that meets your needs.

  1. 4. Simplicity

    One IHG® Business Rewards membership number for all your IHG® reward programmes makes things easy. Points for booking on behalf of others (IHG® Business Rewards) and points for your personal stays (IHG® Rewards Club) can be managed under one account.

  2. 5. Fast-track

    Elevate through our tiers, including Gold Elite, Platinum Elite and Spire Elite… offering even more rewards when you personally stay with us.

  3. 6. Exclusives

    Enjoy access to select offers, which can get you to your rewards sooner.

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